Seeking counseling can be overwhelming, uncomfortable, and simply difficult. We believe the relationship between the counselor and client is one of the most important aspects to growth and healing. Building trust takes time. We all need help at times in our lives managing the joys and struggles of this life. However, after working together, our hope is that you will have the confidence to press through these issues and pursue your potential.

Brainspotting, Phase 3 trained

Brainspotting is a treatment method that assists in treating anything from trauma to sports performance. Read more about it here: What is Brainspotting?


We offer 50-minute individual sessions that are unique to your needs. The first few sessions will involve us working together to establish a plan for our time together.


Living life with others can be challenging. For this, we offer 50-minute couple/family sessions to work through the ups and downs of the relationship.

Substance Use

Substance use is an ever-growing concern in our society today. Oftentimes mental health issues coincide with substance use issues. Therefore, we offer this substance use counseling services as needed.


With my background playing professional basketball, we understand the pressures of performing at a high level. This can also relate with work or life at home. It can be straining to always feel like you have to bring excellent performance.


Spirituality can be extremely valuable and integral in how a person lives their life. No matter how you relate with this, we are on this journey together.


Trauma can be a debilitating component of life. If you are a victim of abuse or have experienced any type of traumatic event, you have come to the right place.