Patience and Trust

Maybe you have recently experienced a loss in your relationships. Whether that was from the betrayal of a friend, infidelity from a spouse, or the like, you are not alone. the person who has offended you by breaking your trust may want that trust to be restored immediately. You may want to trust that person again, but you just don’t know how you can from all the hurt they have caused you. Be patient with yourself. The process of building trust takes time. Like a strong foundation, it needs to be build one brick at a time. Restoring that trust is possible. Give yourself grace in the process.


We are wired for community. Although the people in your life may drive you crazy more times than not, we were not made to live alone. However, this causes issues. How do we deal with the people in our relationships? Many times issues are escalated simply due to lack of communication. Oftentimes we think the other person should be a mind-reader or they should just understand what we are thinking and feeling. The reality is, we have to learn the tools to effectively communicate our thoughts and feelings while still having empathy for the other person. This is not easy, but it can be done. How can you better communicate?


The holiday season can bring joy and despair. All the commotion is easier to cope with if you have a strong support system around you. But maybe this time of year simply leaves you feeling…alone. Maybe you don’t know where to turn and you think that no one cares. Maybe the short daylight hours and bitter cold are leaving you feel bitter. Just know there is always hope. Even if you don’t see it or feel it right now, there is hope. You are not alone.


In a busy world we may feel everything is simply…busy. Busy spouse, busy kids, busy at work, busy at home. How do we prioritize everything? Oftentimes that stress can be so overwhelming that we eventually reach our breaking point. That’s when we try to do everything on our own. However, we were created to connect – to work together. If you find yourself in a spot where you are stretched so thin you just don’t know where to turn or you feel like isolating, reach out. Reach out to a friend, reach out to a professional. You can really only take care of others and all the tasks you have to do when you are taking care of yourself. That is urgent.

Don’t Stop Fighting

You may be going through a tough time right now. You may be trying to reach a goal yet there is still a mountain in front of you. I want to encourage you – don’t stop fighting. You cannot yet see how you will grow from this time or you may be questioning the “why” behind your struggle. You might find the answer in this life, you might not. But still keep fighting. Although you may feel like giving up or hiding under a rock to not face the world, keep fighting.

Don’t get me wrong, however. Don’t always feel like you have to fight alone. We are often taught in our society to rely on our own strength to achieve a goal or climb out of a pit we find ourselves in. We weren’t created to do this alone. We were created for connection and collaboration with each other.

So wherever you find yourself today, keep fighting the good fight. We have the opportunity to grow from adversity. Welcome that opportunity.

Welcome to Ray Services

I created this blog to share what is hopefully helpful content to you. Through this writing I hope you get to know me a little more. First of all, the name Ray Services is based on a calling we all have to be light for other people. If I get the privilege of working with you, I hope I can provide some light into what you are going through.

All the best,